Thursday, August 26, 2010

busy busy

sorry again but there won't be another updaqte this week, im gettign ready to go back to college and finishing up some work on a website, i promise there will be one next week. i dont know when, but it wont be tues or thurs, so when it comes up it will come on its new appointed day

thanks have a great week!

Christain Geek

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pixels in Pixels out

Well folks i am back, and doing well. very well actually as i am writing this from my new wirelss keyboard and using the wireless mouse that came with it tp push the post button. (the mouse is heck of alot better then my old one.)

so today we are going to continue the discussion on violence.

now first i would like to take this time to say that this blog can very well feed off of peoples comments if you so desire. like in todays post im taking some comments that brent said a couple posts ago. so if you want here my thoughts on your ideas or want to have a sort of a conversation about these things, please post your comments below :). i know you are out there i havent visited my own blog 50 times haha :P

now onto violence, a little bit of a recap since its been 2 weeks since my last blog, violence is pretty much every in the geek world, comics, video games, anime most of these things central subject is violence, is this okay?

well i have been thinking about this(well duh im writing a blog about it)
i personally dont play video games that put me in as the bad guy, i will never play a grand theft auto or similar game, just to many things wrong with that if you ask me. now ill play a game like fable that gives you a choice and i wont say that i never killed a random villager in that game, but i always went with the goal of being good.

a game that promotes senseless violence is not a game i want to play as it goes against what i believe, now if there is a good story that makes the fighting have a purpose then good. also i always enjoy multiplayer (hmm now might that be senseless fighting?)

now brent had some good points

but lets put it through a sifter :D

he says that it is different for each person which i full hardedly agree with, its something that each person has to judge for themselves. now i also think there is a line that no one should cross (senseless violence, just being evil) then again thats me. what do you guys think what is the line in the reasoning for the violence

he brings up another good point, on maturity and how on handles it (see above)
as we grow older we can not get as caught up in the game and not let it control our emotions.

then he mentioned something about football and i just stopped reading.....

these questions can really be asked for geek stuff or any real life activity
so i guess they could be applied to foot ball also uugh :P

now we have all heard the rule garbage in garbage out, so even tho we can handle it better at older ages, does it still affect us negatively? does it change us with out even knowing it? as funny as it sounds does playing mario kart give me a higher chance to road rage? would we have the same dark thoughts that we would never act on but think about in our anger if we had not played that FPS, would we want....

so it can have some harm on us, but does it do any good? and if has a chance to do harm but no good, then is it worth it?

well feel free to comment on this below, i encourage it :)

tues i plan on talking about gore and magic so you can put up some preemptive comments about those also.

and if i get enough comment about the violence section ill make sure to leave time for that also

Shigi Noth
Christian Geek

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i am having a bit of a rough time in my personal life right now so i can't promise that i am going to have an update this week or next. i might get something up but it probably wont make it in the tues/weds time frame.